The Experience


The Tulsa Property Group Experience is our commitment to exceptional service for all and attention to detail. Every resident, investor and employee will experience the same commitment. Furthermore, we want each and every resident to feel taken care of when looking for a new place to call home, and we want to continue that until the day they move out and beyond.


What makes a home truly a sanctuary is quality construction, thoughtful and functional design and a community connection, like local shops and restaurants. We want our residents to strive to be a part of something bigger than just themselves. We want to deliver a safe, clean and functional safe space you call home. We always think of the residents first when designing a community, so you can feel assured that we will care for your needs. We believe if we focus on the people first, the rest will fall into place.


We place the same focus on our investors as we do our residents. We keep up with industry trends and the laws required to operate residential real estate while maximizing revenue and reducing expenses. We utilize best-in-class technology for reporting, and we're an open book with our investors. Our commitment is demonstrated through action and financial performance.

We take care of each community as if it was our own. We know what pain points are likely to arise, and we proactively mitigate them. We are experts in the Oklahoma rental market, and we understand what it takes for a property to be successful.

Discover Your Perfect Home with Tulsa Property Group

Experience exceptional service, thoughtful design, and a strong community connection. Join us in creating spaces that are more than just homes. Connect with us today and start your journey to a better living experience.