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At Tulsa Property Group, we know that the first step to feeling at home in a community is finding the right fit. When we design a new community, our number one priority is finding an area that people want to be. Once we find the right spot, thoughtful and beautiful design of both interiors and exteriors are next. Each design project is unique in its own way. There's something for everyone in our communities.


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Intentionally designed rental housing in strategic locations that consist of multiple separate housing units.


Beautifully designed residences integrated with retail stores and restaurants for a unique living experience in the heart of the city.

Twill Homes™

A New Way to Home. Renters no longer have to settle for shared walls and cramped spaces. Luxury home living no longer requires a mortgage.


We are advocates of New Urbanism – an urban design movement which promotes environmentally friendly habits by creating dense, walkable neighborhoods and a wide range of housing and job types. With our background in property management, we constantly ask ourselves: What can we do to provide the best built environments for our residents and the communities in which they reside? The Tulsa metro area is more than ever a place where people want to live and work. That’s something special and we are proud to be part of the movement.

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